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Intram Gazebo ( IG ) is a web hosted workflow application designed to change the way the mid – back office automation works in travel industry. It provides a unified collaborative platform by bringing End to End solution from where the booking process ends to invoicing to credit realization to statutory compliance to final culmination in Financial Reporting and subsequently to BI and MIS. IG is not only integrated with GDS like Galileo and Amadeus but can also be integrated with Travel Portals through XML / API integrations enabling mid and back office to be seamlessly integrated with front office process. Being certified by Geo Trust , makes Gazebo a secure platform to work upon IG caters to all the travel products like Airlines / Rail / Hotel / Insurance / Transport / Visa / Passport / Miscellaneous / Cruise.

IG makes the travel business more productive , efficient , economical and assists the business to provide better services to the customers through its various features and functionalities . The facility to broadcast or post any directives / information across the enterprise , not only cuts down the communication costs but also bring about a uniformity in working .

  • Gazebo is based on cutting edge technologies like Java J2EE & Oracle 11g as backend.
  • Being a SaaS application there is no need for any high end infrastructure at customers end.
  • Being plug and play , there is zero activation time. No obsolence.
  • Being a web based product - ANY TIME ANY WHERE WORKING is possible. It does away the time boundaries and location limitations.

  • The mantra is centralization which is biggest need of the TMC's.
  • With a common chart of accounts which is accessed by all the users enterprise wide, the accounting structure is unified . Similarly with centralized definitions of the dimensions to chart of accounts enforces uniformity enterprise wide .
  • The contractual parameters can be configured in the debtors / creditors profile simplifying the transaction recording as also streamlining the AR / AP process and credit control process .
  • Task assignment features not only simplifies but also allows monitoring of task with in the team .

  • Once the transaction fee or management fee is defined in profiles , these are automatically picked for invoicing thereby ensuring that AR being recorded is inclusive of revenue to be charged.
  • Missing ticket reconciliation ensures all unbilled tickets are promptly tracked.

IG reduces dependency on manpower because all controls are system driven.

      • If credit limit of a debtor is crossed then there is a facility in system at the very moment an email is shot to the credit controller informing him about the same.
      • By toggling a control one can stop the invoicing if credit limit has been exceeded.
      • If e- invoicing is configured in profiles the invoices are emailed automatically.
      • Using Accounting period closing feature , the reliability of the accounting data is enforced by disallowing any new postings in the period so closed .
      • If any account is frozen / disabled the system disallows any transactional posting in such account.
      • BTA / corporate cards can be defined in profiles and system takes over for generating charge slips and data hands of to Amex.
  • Being SaaS application , savings on infrastructure , obsolescence thereof , and elimination of the need for trained IT manpower.
  • Need for pre printed invoicing stationary is obviated.
  • Auto Pnr invoicing helps in saving cost incurred on billing manpower.
  • Enterprise reports are available at the touch of the button , thereby obviating costly delays is information assimilation.
  • The ability to generate exhaustive Client MIS reporting , assists in cutting down of manpower costs needed to address the onerous needs of corporate customers.
  • Using dDAS addon , the corporate customers can be empowered to retrieve their data in real time.

Gazebo addresses the needs of all stakeholders be it business owners / customers / vendors / bankers / revenue authorities . IG provides fast and reliable information to the decision makers (JIT).

        • Revenue statement / profitability statements
        • Product mix and profitability there of
        • Customer mix and profitability thereof
        • Vendor mix and profitability thereof
        • Trends and budgeting
        • TDS (detailed reconciliation – on exemption slabs or on standard rate)
        • Service Tax ( including exemptions and absorbtion )
        • BSP
  • Insurance commission tracking.
  • Hotel commission tracking.
  • Each expense incurred can be allocated to a cost center.
  • Depending upon the analysis you want to do you can define the dimensions by using user tag concept.

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